2018 – on going

Smartphones are the most common means of communication nowadays and they have profoundly transformed the way we share and learn information.

They have radically changed the way we interact with reality, making them a constant presence in our daily life, altering the way we socialize and behave.

How has the human body responded to these devices and how have they been included into our own physicality?

With this project I aim to analyze this interaction.

At first I started studying myself and then turned my gaze to the people around me, observing their movements and stance on the streets, in public transports or in meeting places.

Smartphones have seemingly become an extension of our limbs, our bodies are passively adapting and transforming while we’re hunching over a phone or oddly stretching for a selfie. Postures are changing and so are everyday gestures, to the point that doctors have started using new terms such as “text claw”, “text neck” or “selfie elbow”.

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